Fail safe sponge cake

Hi everyone! So I’ve been MIA for a while – I don’t really have much of an excuse. Oh except that…I GOT ENGAGED!! So I feel like most of my time has been spent on Pinterest wedding planning which is VERY exciting. Anyway, you’re here to read about cake!

While all this planning has been going on I’ve still been baking, of course. One thing I’ve always struggled with is my cake mix splitting, or my sponge coming out a bit unevenly and rising too much in the middle etc. I tried SO many things – making sure all my ingredients were at the same temperature, beating the eggs in a bit at a time with some flour etc but my mixture ended up splitting Every. Single. Time. It didn’t affect the taste mind you, but it was still goddamn frustrating.

Then, I found a method which seems to have solved my splitting and rising woes all at once. It’s a method championed by Mary Berry and essentially involves lobbing all your ingredients into your mixer and beating them together!

The all in one method is my new fail safe way to a perfect sponge cake, and it hasn’t let me down yet. So, here are some very basic guidelines, although it almost seems insulting as it’s so easy!

Ingredients (minus amounts – you’ll see why in the method!)


Caster sugar

Self-raising flour

Butter (Stork is great)

Baking powder


  1. Another method I’ve been employing lately is to use my egg weight to guide the rest of my ingredients. So, firstly, weigh your eggs with their shells on. This is the point to decide how big you want your cake to be. Obviously, the more eggs the bigger your cake will be! I generally use four eggs for a medium sized cake. So, for the sake of this post, let’s say the eggs (with shells on) weigh 250g.
  2. Secondly, weigh out 250g of all your other ingredients except your baking powder.
  3. Break your eggs into your mixer first followed by all the other ingredients. Add three level teaspoons of baking powder (I find this is the best amount, but of course if you’re using more or less eggs then adjust the amount accordingly).
  4. Beat until everything is well combined and ta-dah – there you have your cake mix! At this point you can be creative an add in some extras if you wish. I quite like splitting the mix into two batches, adding some melted dark chocolate to one batch and then swirling them both together to make a marble cake.
  5. Bake in two round cake tins at 180C until the cake tester comes out clean.
  6. Decorate in whatever way you like (I’ll be doing a post soon with some basic decoration tips to make your cakes look fab!).

I will take the time to say that is SO worth getting a cake tester. They’re cheap as chips but so handy when it comes to knowing if your cake is ready.

Here’s a photo of Oscar thinking he’s king of the castle. Here is also a photo of our chickens!! I’m now at a point where they are laying enough for me to use their eggs in every bake I do. I absolutely love knowing the eggs I use have come from happy, free range chickens (except when it’s raining (i.e. ALL THE TIME), then they look like little feathery, miserable drowned rats).


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