Mini egg fudge

You may have guessed by now that I’m a bit obsessed with mini eggs. I could eat bags and bags of them at a time. It’s a problem.

So when I stumbled across a recipe for mini egg fudge on Jane’s Patisserie’s blog it was all I could think about. The next day I headed straight off to the shops to grab all the necessary components, leaving my boyfriend to do some DIY. We’re not a stereotypical couple, honest.

This, as Jane says, is a ‘cheat’s fudge’ as it’s genuinely so easy to make. It involves just a handful of ingredients and within a few hours you’ll have beautiful, creamy, chocolatey fudge studded with mini eggs. I mean c’mon, sounds good right?!


397g can of condensed milk

25g butter

400g white chocolate

100g icing sugar

360g Cadbury mini eggs, bashed into bits (some can remain whole)

1tsp vanilla extract


  1. Line a 23cm squared tin (I just lined the base and it came out fine)
  2. Stick the condensed milk, chocolate, butter and vanilla extract into a large pan and melt together on a low heat, keeping a close eye so the chocolate doesn’t stick.
  3. Sift in the icing sugar and beat to combine.
  4. Leave the mixture to cool for around five minutes but make sure you stir in every minute or so to stop a skin forming.
  5. Mix in 3/4 of the mini eggs and pour the whole lot into your tin. Spread the remaining eggs over the top and press them into the fudge.
  6. Pop the tin in the fridge and leave for about three hours before cutting the lot into little (or large!) squares. This is one the hardest bits so make sure you’ve got a super sharp knife. Put the fudge back in the fridge until completely set.

Enjoy! If this doesn’t tickle your fancy as little Easter treat then you must be dead inside. Or have no tastebuds.

Oscar popped in to wake me up and make me go to the shops, so I must partly thank him for this fudgey goodness.

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