The no-bake pancake cake

Hands up who doesn’t like pancakes? That’s what I thought. Pancake Day is just around the corner so what better excuse to whip up a batch (or 12, to be precise) and create a cake out of them?!

There are some recipes out there which call for pancake cakes to be baked but, frankly, the damn things are already cooked so why waste more time staring at the oven? So, this isn’t really a ‘bake’ at all.

The recipe comes from Jamie Oliver and, while time consuming, is super simple. I will warn you, it’s almost impossible to make this look good unless you want to spend even more time trimming, measuring and decorating but to be honest I’m more concerned about the taste!


3 cups self-raising flour

3 cups milk

3 large free range eggs

Pinch of salt

Olive oil

150g dark chocolate

600ml double cream

1 tbsp vanilla flavouring

1.5 tbsps caster sugar


  1. Stick the flour, eggs and milk into a bowl and whisk until smooth. Heat up a no-stick saucepan and pour in a drop of olive oil. Make as many pancakes as you can with the mixture you’ve got. I made 12 but, in hindsight, I would’ve made less pancakes but made each one thicker. Stack them on top of each other and leave to cool.
  2. Heat 200ml cream in a saucepan (but don’t let it boil), take it off the heat, then add in the chocolate, chopped, and keep stirring until it’s all melted. Set aside to cool.
  3. Whisk the remaining cream with the sugar and vanilla flavouring until nice and thick.
  4. Assemble the cake on a board or stand. Put a dollop of cream on the board/stand and put one pancake on top, pressing gently to stick it down. Spread some chocolate on the top and put another pancake on it. Spread with cream and then plop another pancake on top. Repeat until everything is used up! You can decorate this with chopped nuts or fruit if you wish.

Oscar decided to have a fight with the bathroom mat while I was cooking. We were away last night so I think he was a bit grumpy with us and wanted to take it out on something.

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